How to get fit Andreia Brazier style

Andreia BrazierAndreia Brazier was recently crowned WBFF Fitness World Champion for a fourth time in Las Vegas.

While most of us like to keep our fitness up in some shape or form, others enjoy taking their quest for a healthy lifestyle to a different level altogether by testing themselves in competition.

Ahead of her victorious appearance, Andreia took us through her favourite compound exercises.

I like doing compound exercises as you are working more muscle groups and in return burning more body fat, improving stability and building great muscle balance and skeleton structure.

Andreia Brazier’s favourite compound exercises

Bench Press

Most of women avoid doing this workout as they think that it will bulk their upper body and change their feminine looks. I totally disagree with them! Bench press is a great workout to create and develop muscular balances in your body and a good posture while supporting other muscles groups. I personally like Bench press because it is a compound movements that hit the chest, shoulders and triceps which gives you a great shape and balance.

Leg Press

I like the leg press machine as it’s a safe way to grow your overall leg muscles and pave the way to a better squat. For beginners it’s best to start with leg press until you strengthen your body structure, flexibility and lower back. It’s a great workout if you can?t squat or are working through a lower back injury. I personally like doing leg press at the end of my ‘leg day’ workout (after squatting) or in the days that I don?t have the energy for squatting.

The difference between leg press and squatting is that you would not need to use much of the?stabilizer muscles, upper body and lower back strength on leg press.

Walking lunges

I consider this workout one of the most important workouts for legs. Many of the leg workouts tend to neglect the hips, inner and outer parts of your thigh muscles. Walking lunges focus on?developing and strengthening the hip and knee extensors. Doing this exercise is a great way to improve core strength, balance, and focuses on the gluteus muscles while keeping your spine rested. I like to alternate between days of doing squats and walking lunges.

Squat overhead press

One of my favourite exercises which works my entire body. Overhead squat consists of major movements which are a great way to burn more body fat, build a balanced body and shape up while saving time at the gym.

Russian twist

Is one of my favourite exercises for abs, as it gives me a great core conditioning while working out my chest, back and arms. The rotation in this exercise keeps my waistline slim while increasing my core and abdominal strength.

Arm rows

This is one of the best ways to strengthen your back and improve your posture while working out your arms and shoulders. I recommend beginners and people with lower back problems to do the seated arm rows to build up strength and balance first.

Planks on the stability ball

I recommend this exercise because it strengthens the abdominal muscles in ways that other abs exercises don?t. Planking focuses on the deep internal muscles that you don?t hit when doing other abdominal exercises as it builds and strengthen the muscles around your spine and the stability muscles which is a great workout for people with lower back problems and a weak core.

Andreia Brazier 8 Week Body Transformation features a series of exercises to be completed on a weekly basis, designed to create a toned and ripped effect when combined with the recommended eating plan, which is also provided.

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