Christmas gifts for runners

The approaching festive season provides the perfect opportunity to give the runner in your family that unique present which will send them into the new year with fresh enthusiasm and vigour. Or you could just get them a novelty gift.

Medal hanger

Whatever your plan, here’s a rundown of items that could put a smile on the face of the discerning runner this Christmas.

1 – Medal hanger

When we’ve successfully completed a run where there’s medals on offer we like to show it off – but without being too smug about it. Forget that! Here you can plonk the fruits of your labour slap bang in pride of place and give a not-so-subtle reminder of your brilliance to everyone who visits. The neat handmade ‘never again!’ design from The Flying Runner (pictured above) is a good choice across a nice range of items.

Price: ?29.50. Find this at: The Flying Runner

2 – Marathon Running artwork

marathon-running-artWhen you’re dragging your sweaty carcass around its umpteenth mile you probably don’t see what you’re doing as an art form. But fortunately others do and there are some eye-catching pieces about this Christmas, none more so than this handmade design (left) by illustrator Michelle Thompson.

Price: ?30. Find at: Etsy

3 – Straight-talking bottle opener

sweatshop-bottle-openerThere are generally two themes involved in the manufacture of gifts in the novelty category for runners – women do a run and then like to eat cakes, while men finish a run and like to drink beer.

With that in mind, this present ticks man’s required box and proudly proclaims: ‘Run done, beer now‘. You can’t beat a straight-talking bottle-opener. Nuff said.

Price: ?6.25. Find at:

?4 – Runner’s cufflinks

christmas-gifts-cufflinksTime for an admission here. I don’t know anyone who runs in cufflinks, except those late for a meeting in the morning.

But don’t let that put you off sharpening your look when you’re not pounding the pavements. The designs (left) by Victoria Hopkins are custom made and there are several variations to choose from.

Price: ?27.99. Find at: The Flying Runner

5 – Reflective iPhone 5 armband

This nifty little number (below) is ideal storage for the smartphone of the modern-day runner. It’s adjustable with a touch-screen compatible sleeve and means you’ll be able to securely listen to tunes on the go or even call for a lift home when you’re knackered.

Price: ?9.99. Find at:


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