Electric scooter racing to become sport

Electric scooter championshipsIt’s possible in this current age of avoiding public transport that we all soon end up flitting around on an electric scooter.

Whether it’s the climate crisis, changing the way people commute or a mix of both, the electric scooter is likely to become a staple of everyday life.

So it perhaps comes as no surprise that e-scooters will become part of the sports scene in 2021. Action arrives in the form of the Electric Scooter Championship (eSC), officially dubbed the eSkootr Championship.

Professional eSC teams and riders will use high-speed, purpose-built race scooters capable of speeds reaching 100km/h (60mph).

An electric scooter race could soon be hurtling around a city near you

The electric category’s affordability removes the high barrier to entry seen in most other motorsport series.

There is also hope for a broader, more diverse range of competitors. To this end, the series could look to recruit racing drivers, cyclists, skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists, and even esports racers.

A couple of ex-Formula 1 drivers – Lucas di Grassi and Alex Wurz – are among the team behind the idea, which will see electric scooters hurtle around major cities.

Electric scooter championships

The champs are being billed as a more sustainable way to go racing. Announcing their plans, the eSC state their belief that micromobility is perfectly suited to our times.

For youngsters and those on a budget it provides an affordable transportation solution with zero emissions. In a post-COVID urban landscape, micromobility offers an escape from congestion and car dependency.

It’s certainly an interesting concept. Take a look at the space that Formula E now occupies in the sporting calendar. A full set of global events shows fans will embrace competitive racing in all forms.

From the images it looks like a fun futuristic form of entertainment. And seeing participants relying on their balance and not surrounded by the comfort of a race car could provide a great spectacle.

I wouldn’t chance it on a public road myself. But the thrills and spills of professional racing may be worth a watch.

Pics: esc.live

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