Gauntlet Games and Gladiators

Gauntlet Games

Battle past Gladiators at The Gauntlet Games (above) – they might not all be smiling…

Ever gone cold at the thought of taking part in a 5km? Well how about testing yourself in a 5km with a difference – obstacles.

The Gauntlet Games arrives in London in Trent Park on Saturday May 30 2015 after a successful debut event in Woodhall Estate, Hertfordshire last September.

Designed for those who have never completed a 5km run let alone an obstacle course, the emphasis is on fun, lots of mud and the odd Gladiator to up the tempo along the way. Unfortunately we’re not talking about Wolf, Shadow or old (personal) favourite Jet, but you shouldn’t let this put you off.

The Gauntlet Games is the only obstacle race in the world which is interactive.

There are no static obstacles, every one involves navigating past a Gladiator in some way, be it by escaping one in a giant mud bath, balancing your way along a beam before the Gladiator is able to push you off, or dodging past the Gladiators with their pugil sticks (… does anyone else ever use pugil sticks other than Gladiators?) The race will finish in an arena where spectators will cheer on the participants as they complete their final challenges.

The Gauntlet Games

There’s no extra points for performing a foam-laden star jump but you can try

For those concerned at a potential pugil-stick battering at the hands of a Gladiator, Sarah King, Director at Gladiator Events assures you that they are in fact pussycats.

“The Gladiators are there to interact with and are not intimidating so don?t worry we?ve made sure this event is all about having fun and a laugh with your mates.

“We wanted to create an experience where no one feels daunted and which introduces nervous runners to the fantastic world of obstacle racing.?

Participants can expect to face obstacles such as the foam zone – where Gladiators will be sending out jets of foam over competitors, the travelator (beware – on the TV show these were always billed as ‘DREADED’) – where Gladiators will be trying to stop competitors from racing up a giant slippery slide by throwing water down it.

There is also the paintball zone, where competitors will have to dodge their way past sneaky Gladiators hiding in the trees and armed with paint guns.

The Gauntlet Games will be set over two distances of 5K and 10K. To book your place at the latest obstacle race, visit

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