James Haskell workout: Time to get rugby fit

James Haskell

Those keen on tackling a James Haskell workout should take heed of the expert advice in his rugby fitness eBook.

Haskell’s talents have won him 77 England caps. He has now announced his retirement from the game.

Away from the pitch, the forward is keen to encourage others to follow his lead and get into shape – more specifically rugby shape.

But wait a minute. This doesn’t mean grabbing the bloke next to you and staging an impromptu scrum where you can chew cauliflower ears.

Instead this is committed stuff for the aspiring modern-day player who wants to knuckle down and streamline their fitness.

Haskell’s eBook is called Introduction To Becoming and Remaining RugbyFitIt is an extremely thorough look at the methods and various training plans required to succeed in an increasingly fast, mobile and power-led sport.

James Haskell in action

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the book is its sheer depth and detail. There is an endless stream of tips, meaning you should be performing a James Haskell workout in no time.

Straightforward guidance

There is an absolute raft of information laid out in an easy-to-digest way, including breakdown guides on power endurance, conditioning, HIIT cardio, plus all-round core rugby skills.

The book is rare in that it comes from the viewpoint of a recent international player.

It provides invaluable and expert insight. Each well-structured workout can go a long way to demonstrating that training for rugby is more about speed and agility rather than just bulking up.

There are some hefty nutritional tips (“You need to eat like a rugby player and not a cover model”). Advice is also given on supplements James requires in order to help maintain his rugby fitness.

But it’s not just rugby players who can benefit from Haskell’s blueprint.

In particular, a chapter on recovery, with accompanying pictures of Haskell getting to grips with the dreaded foam roller, is one that can readily be applied to other sports.

In summary, this book is jam-packed with Haskell’s insider knowledge after more than 12 years playing at elite level and it should provide a welcome addition for all those looking to gain better focus in their training.

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