Traits of the modern British traveller revealed

Are you a Modern British traveller? Some readers will note my fondness for an offbeat survey. Well here’s one that may peg you as an MBT – or Modern British Traveller – to be precise.

According to a study by Trainline, if you have visited 21 countries or more, been on a wine tasting tour, choose your hotels based on the strength of the Wi-Fi and get your travel inspiration from social media “influencers” ? you could well be a Modern British Traveller.

Whether you need to meet all the criteria above or just some of it, remains to be seen.

Additionally, research showed almost half (48 per cent) of people now shun the term “holidaymaker”, preferring the more discerning phrase ?traveller?.

There are also apparently a list of definitive signs you are less holidaymaker and more modern British traveller.

Preferring sight-seeing to partying, visiting places based on the food and the culture, and enjoying a city break just as much as a beach holiday all featured.

But for someone who prefers to remain with one foot in the dark ages, news that almost 20 per cent prefer to use their smartphone to plan trips makes me go cold. Only 14 per cent of people now use a traditional travel agent. Talking to people face-to-face? Nah, forget it.

The average adult spends 2 hours 50 minutes taking photos on holiday. They churn out an average 34 pictures over the trip which they will upload and flaunt on your social media timelines. We all hate seeing friends enjoying themselves in the sun right?

Another surefire sign of being an MBT is? having more than three different foreign plug adaptors in your home. Admittedly, I may fall foul here.

Strangely also on the list were owning a kindle and having swum with sharks, which are somewhat at opposing ends of the scale …

And finally, almost half now prefer to eat at local restaurants opposed to “tourist traps”, with 30 per cent trying to find ways to avoid queues wherever possible. But wait, we’re British. I thought we loved queueing?

Do you meet any of the apparent criteria required to be a modern British traveller? Let us know in comments below.

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