Natural movement exercises for your workout

Apparently us modern Brits have nothing on fitness compared to the humble caveman and his range of natural movement exercises. Yes according to a study, we’re pretty much unfit when pitted against the put-upon cave-dweller.

With an increasing number of people hitting the gym, surveyed some Brits, 2,000 of them, to see whether the nation would be fit enough to cope in a Stone Age era.

Their research found a meagre 10% have the physical prowess necessary to survive if they were transported back in time.

With that in mind, historic fitness expert and natural movement pioneer, Erwan Le Corre has provided some natural movement exercises to incorporate into your workout – ‘caveman style’.

Make lifting & carrying part of your movement exercises regime

Find an uneven object to use as your load (e.g. a large log or rock)

Assume a strong square stance, and with an elongated spine keep your arms extended

With a firm grip on the object, extend legs and lift the load off the ground

Carry the load at hip level, driving your hips forward and leaning slightly backwards

Stop and reset as you require

The Deep Squat

As a beginner, have something you can hold on to for balance

Assume the deepest squat position you can and gently bounce

Then shift your body weight from side to side

Practice the movement until you can do it unassisted, then practice several times a day making each squat last for longer and longer periods of time

The Tree Climb

Assume a double-handed hang (from a bar or raised surface)

Swing forward and use the momentum to hook one leg above and over the bar

Use your hands to pull your body up and bring both armpits on the bar (the same side as your hooked leg)

Swing your free leg to create momentum and push down on the bar to lift yourself up

Repeat and rest as required

6 Responses

  1. jnuna says:

    I’m going to give at least the deep squat a shot. thanks for the tips!

  2. Traci York says:

    Passing these along to my son – thanks!

  3. Form is important! 🙂

  4. Ritu says:

    When I recover from.the accident… maybe I should do something like this !!

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