New Balance Drifts review: Light and fun

New Balance Drifts

The New Balance Drifts (or DRFT) are a fun pair of running shoes.

For the majority of runners who refuse to part with £200 for a pair of Nike Vaporflys or Alphaflys, these are certainly more budget-friendly. Plus, they are more than up to the task of 10-20 miles a week.

Built best for speedier, shorter distances, like most speedy shoes, their lightweight nature is the prime feature.

It can be a strange feeling wearing lightweight running shoes and the New Balance Drifts are no different. They can feel a bit paper-thin, especially on the toes. For those who need more sturdier comfort they might not be a great match.

Now on to the colour. Mine are a fetching blue. Sometimes I look at them and think they’re a bit showy.

But you can’t just get a simple pair of white running shoes anymore. It’s a bit like the death of the black football boot. Everything has to shimmer, glow in the dark and dazzle the dog walkers at the park.

As previous readers will note, I have a range of running shoes on the go at any one time. In my mind, my trainers operate on a rota-basis whereby they have to bid for a place on my hallowed, bumpy old feet. The reality is that each of them annoys my feet in some small way, so I go for a different pair each time I set out.

In these New Balance Drifts, my feet would hurt doing anything much over a flat 10k. Some of the roads and pavements around Sussex just don’t cut the mustard. The threat of a twisted ankle is often present. Indeed some of the pavements you’d be better off wearing ski boots but that’s a topic for another day – and likely a local council meeting.

New Balance Drifts

Runners still need something to feel confident and comfortable in. They also need to provide the support you need in a shoe. Come race time you just want something reliable so you can focus on what your body is doing rather than your shoes.

The issue is often one of balance. Lightweight makes you feel freer and faster. But the trade-off I find is that you can’t do mega distances in them. As a neutral runner, I feel more secure in a more supportive midsole. These Drifts are good for speed tests or interval training ahead of a peak race. They also stand up well to a flat parkrun course.

Like many runners, there is a touch of brand recognition. In my case it’s New Balance. I’ve tried others which have caused plenty of injury issues but New Balance tends to be ok so I prefer them.

In summary, New Balance Drifts are a decent shoe at a decent price. They’re best used for short distances, which given the general 500-mile limit to a pair of run shoes, will take you a fair while to completely wear them out.

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