New Balance running shoes: 890v6 reviewed

New Balance 890v6 running shoesLet’s lay it on the line. I’m a fan of New Balance running shoes.

I’ve tried other brands and styles but like most sportswear, when you find something that works, stick to it. And this is what my particular feet have found with New Balance running shoes.

Searching for a pair of running shoes is often a tricky process. It can be frustrating when I see plenty that look great, but my feet don’t agree with my eyes.

I’ve been into specialist running stores and gone through gait analysis and fittings. But without really heavily testing them out, you never quite know if you’re 100% happy.

So it can take a while to find a running shoe you feel truly comfortable in, but the 890v6 in particular has become my go-to option.

How the New Balance 890v6’s fit

With me being a neutral gait runner it’s all to do with pronation and how my foot rolls inwards while running.

The New Balance 890v6 is cushioned and responsive. They’re by no means the most lightweight running footwear you’ll find on the market. But as a size 12, they’re always going to feel on the heavier side for me.

A wide-fit option gives noticeable extra room in the toe box and generally feels spacious and free on the move. The normal, standard fit option doesn’t feel a great deal different however. It’s really down to how much foot flexibility you like as you actually run in them.

New Balance 890v6 wide fit running shoes

Wider fit

As I size up when choosing running shoes anyway, I find that this increase alone provides enough comfort without necessarily requiring the wider version.

My preference is to have looser laces so there’s more room for toes to breathe as feet become warmer. Therefore I now own two pairs – wide and standard. They come in different colours but that sits a clear second to comfort and durability. Running footwear is a bit like buying football boots these days. You can’t find many white running shoes and you don’t see many traditional black football boots. But sport participation isn’t a fashion parade!

The 890s work nicely for road and also on running tracks. When taking part in a 10k road race recently, they stood up well to challenging cambers and regular twists and turns. They do a good job in dragging a weary carcass around the back streets of Surrey 🙂

To coin The Proclaimers, a general rule for running shoes is clock up 500 miles before switching to a new pair. So when you find a style and fit that works, buy a few before they are discontinued.

If your ideal shoe disappears from the market, chances are the price will go up for the few pairs that do remain available.

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