‘Hell-themed’ obstacle race hits Cornwall


Obstacle race in Cornwall

I’ve always thought competing in an obstacle race is for those who like adding?an unnecessary masochistic streak to their exercise.

Well if that’s your bag then get on over to the five-star, coastal oasis of Trevornick in Cornwall.

Indeed Cornwall has some lovely scenery but it also has ‘hell-themed’ obstacles for you to tackle over a weekend in October.

Trevornick will play host to Holy Grit – billed as a unique, all terrain obstacle course designed to push contenders’ physical and mental strength to the limits.

Taking place from October 7-9, every element – water, fire, earth and wind – is included in the obstacle race.

And with names like ‘twisted torment’, ‘gates of hell’ and ‘buried alive’, the challenges sound more like terrifying apocalyptic punishments than exercises.

There are 6km, 12km or 24km courses to choose from.

holy-grit-mud-bath-press-releaseEach obstacle race takes place on Cornwall’s leg-destroying sand dunes and towering sea cliffs, with plenty of epic obstacles.

There are three levels of race designed to suit all …

6km Deep Grit

Featuring 20+ epic obstacles and sand dunes.

12km God of Grit

This event adds an extra 6km and includes 30+ obstacles.

24km Apocalypse Grit

For even crazier contenders willing to take on two laps of God of Grit and earn themselves the coveted title Apocalypse Survivor.

Worn-out competitors will receive a free More Mile T-shirt, medal and goody bag, plus a free pint of Korev Lager, Rattler Cyder or soft drink for every camper.

To get you relaxed before the ‘fun’ begins there will be a live music acoustic set on Friday night (Oct 7) followed by an after party on the Saturday evening. Groups of between two and nine people receive a 20% discount.

Further information can be found at: www.holygrit.co.uk.

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