Offers in sport and fitness

Check out some sport, fitness and travel offersUPDATED (Apr 21, 2021): Take a look at a rundown of offers in sport and fitness from our affiliate partners.

Be it Black Friday, Cyber Monday or just all-year round browsing, everyone loves a deal. With this in mind, I’ve put together a selection of the latest offers from selected partners. I’ll do my best to update this whenever something shiny and new comes in.

So, for the sporty people in your life, here’s some discounts to get stuck into.

Sport offers

Liverpool FC – The European and Premier League champions have a vast superstore. According to a study a few years ago, the Reds have a massive fan-base around the world. So it stands to reason you’ll probably know a Liverpool fan.

While the club may be ailing in their defence of the title this season, you can still show your colours. 50% off can be claimed through until the end of April 2021 with a strike on the banner below.

Fitness offers

Myprotein – The nutrition bods have just released a whey protein mix to add to your brekkie cereal. Tuck in!

Plus, vegans can now get their hands on this vegan protein shake. It comes in Refreshers and Drumstick flavours so you can have a hit of youthful nostalgia while you consume.

LSWMind Cards – Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical and this is where Mind Cards come in. Remember to take time out where you can. Treat yourself to this Wellbeing Bundle.

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