Parkrun: Lessons learned as big 50 approaches

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  1. I have never participated in a park run before, but it is something that I would be interested in doing once I get fit enough! I would probably have enough trouble walking it at the moment!” 🙂

  2. drallisonbrown says:

    I like how some of these are general rules for life!

  3. josypheen says:

    Excellent post!

    I live in Canada now, but I do miss all the park runs in London. I used to join the massive one on hampsted heath. The hills were exhausting, but it is such a pretty place to run! My main issue was the same as yours. Getting up over an hour before the run, just to get there on time is always hard on saturday mornings!!

    p.s. porridge with water!? But its so yummy with milk! Isn’t it a little glue-y with water?

    • SFJ says:

      Re: the porridge. My brother calls it cement when I make it with water. Admittedly I tread a fine line between my porridge being nice/edible or completely stodgy and ready for the bin 🙂

  4. Em Linthorpe says:

    I haven’t participated in a parkrun myself, but I have been to cheer on a friend at our local event quite a few times in the past. I love the community spirit about it especially, from the very young to the much older, from the competitors to the fun runners. It seems like a wonderful and accessible way for everyone to get some exercise in a supportive and friendly environment.

    • SFJ says:

      Spot on about the community spirit. A couple of weeks ago I saw a very young child high-fiving an elderly runner battling up a hill, great to be around such a warm-hearted atmosphere.

  5. Lisa Orchard says:

    I used to run cross country in high school and I remember those days of racing. It was fun. Your post definitely brought back memories. Thanks!

  6. Ritu says:

    I’ve done the run for breast cancer… once… and nor run it! Walked. With a pushchair and 5 kids in tow!

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