Does protein water pack a punch?

For GoodnessShakes Protein Water

It seems not a month goes by without another fitness drink arriving onto a cluttered sports drinks market. Protein water is the latest addition.

One of the UK’s leading creators in this sector are For Goodness Shakes. Their new offering of protein water has recently hit the shelves at stores across the country.

On the face of it protein water appears to be a good idea. I mean protein is good and so is water, right?

But while if someone passed me a protein shake I’d think ‘yum‘, I’ll admit the water didn’t sound quite as appealing. But happily For Goodness Shakes’ range comes with a choice of two flavours – orange/mango and blackcurrant so I was willing to give it a try.

I opened up an orange one following a four-mile run. My early thoughts were that it tasted a touch ‘Lucozade-esque’, which is pretty safe ground for an orange sports drink.

The protein water is easy enough to steadily down in a good few gulps. But if you’re after an absolute thirst-quencher on a very hot day then this might not be your best choice.

Flavours to the rescue

Indeed it’s really the flavours that save the day as the drinks have something of a ‘dry’ feel to them which may not tickle the tastebuds of some consumers.

However if you can get over this, generally this drink does seem to do the job. They renewed my energy stores and proved decent for a post-exercise boost and muscle maintenance, with both flavours carrying 20g of protein in a standard 500ml bottle.

There’s no carbs like in the chocolate and strawberry recovery drinks made by the company. But on the flipside it helps in other ways. For example, if you’re suffering from a cold, this has a handy top-up dose of Vitamin C to help boost you back into action.

Personally I’m a big advocate of the brand’s recovery shakes and it’s unlikely I’d reach for the protein water as the first drink after a tough session.

Nevertheless, the arrival of this type of drink is a welcome one. It should prove a nice addition for those exercise enthusiasts who enjoy variety in their fitness and nutritional products.

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