Gym workout: The real reason you don’t like it

Gym workout

Worry no longer. It turns out if you hate doing a gym workout, it could just be down to your personality.

Recent research claims the effectiveness of someone?s exercise regime may depend on their individual personality type.

A study took place involving more than 800 people from a range of businesses across several countries. Researchers from the British Psychological Society found those with extraverted personalities were more likely to prefer going to the gym.

It also suggests more creative people are better suited to outdoor activities. This can include pursuits like running or cycling rather than a structured gym workout.

‘Feelings and values’

People with a preference for objective logic were also more likely to stick with a regimented exercise plan. That’s in contrast to those who view feelings and values as being more important.

John Hackston, Chartered Psychologist and Head of Thought Leadership at OPP, said: “The most important piece of advice to come out of this research is that there is not one type of exercise that is suited to everyone.

“There can be pressure to follow the crowd to the gym or sign up to the latest exercise fad, but it would be much more effective for them to match their personality type to an exercise plan that is more likely to last the test of time.”

Some of this likely won’t be news to those of us who readily make excuses for not going to the gym. And many people probably didn’t need research to tell them they lack motivation.

I’d say I don’t mind either. Perhaps that puts me in the slap bang in the middle of the personality types?

There are clear benefits to both an indoor gym workout and outdoor fitness. There’s even outdoor gyms popping up in parks now which provide the best of both worlds.

But it’s still food for fitness thought.

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  1. You know, I just noted that doing a workout with other people makes a big difference in how I feel about it. I’ll do it on my own, but it’s more fun with friends. I’m more of an extrovert than an introvert, and more focused on values than analysis. So perhaps all that makes some sense for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • SFJ says:

      Thanks Angela. I think the more enjoyment people can get out of it, the better the health benefits. Like most things, gym-going can become a bit of a chore at times.

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