Restart Rugby song guns for Christmas No1

Danny Care sings for Restart Rugby

Christmas time is ripe for bold attempts at landing the coveted Christmas No1 slot. This year is no different, with one such offering being Rig Aid’s charity single, which aims to raise money for Restart Rugby.

Cast your mind back a few years. Think LadBaby from 2018 and 2019, Chocolate Salty Balls by South Park’s Chef in 1998. There is form for this kind of fun, novelty track.

Indeed, way worse has been known to top the festive chart… most of the X Factor releases spring to mind. And have you heard Robbie Williams’ Christmas song this year? Jeez…

For 2020, a (firmly tongue-in-cheek) supergroup has come together, led by rugby names past and present (and ex-cricketer Darren Gough).

Most have retired from the sport and singing is clearly not what they’ve been up to in their spare time.

The track: It’s Christmas Time (It’s Time to Lash), features current England scrum-half Danny Care (above), plus a host of ex-pros including James Haskell and Jim Hamilton.

Add to this appearances from Vicky Fleetwood and a group of Saracens & England Ladies internationals and you have yourselves a chart-topping group. Possibly.

Saracens Ladies

Saving lives

“Restart Rugby is a charity incredibly close to my heart that helps both male and female players physically and also importantly, mentally”, Haskell says.

“They literally save lives. They do amazing work providing financial and practical support to amateur and professional players and their families during difficult times, including help with the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation equipment, counselling, education and career transition.

“Unfortunately, they are running out of money, fast, so here’s hoping this single raises enough to truly help.”

Costing just 99p, all proceeds will go to Restart Rugby, with fans able to buy the single as many times as they like, in an attempt to raise crucial funds.

The track releases on December 18 and can be snapped up here.

Who knows, this could be the surprise entry this Christmas. Stranger things have happened…

Rig Aid for Restart Rugby

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