Running snoods etc – Most read posts of 2019

Running snoodsFrom running snoods to rugby fan skills, here’s the lowdown on what you’ve been reading the most over the course of 2019. Happy New Year!

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Snood: What is it, how to wear one

This is timely as winter is biting and I’ve recently had SIX more running snoods added to my collection for Christmas.? It’s sportswear not just for the head either. They can be used on the neck, full-on face balaclava and, weirdly the wrists. Running snoods are the answer for most things. Quicker times and raising fitness levels with little effort however aren’t sadly among them.

How to reset your Garmin Forerunner 620

Sports tech is great isn’t it? Well until it breaks down that is. My continual issues with my Garmin Forerunner 620 prompted this post. And it helped many of you as well. If you do need to snap up a new one, hit this link and a few pence may wing its way to the SFJ coffee kitty. Here’s to another year of troubleshooting!

Running with dogs: 5 training tips

I like slightly offbeat stories so this advice from pet food bunch Canagan was right up my street. Running with a dog is something I’d like to try in 2020. Particularly a fast, fit one who can carry me to a personal best. How the hell I’d barcode one, I don’t know…

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: Save time for footy

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

They might be having a topsy-turvy Premier League season, but Spurs’ new abode is pretty tasty. What is also tasty is the sheer amount of food on offer in every square-inch of the ground. Actual football can become secondary to stadium sightseeing here. The sight of a packed South Stand is impressive. And now you get to witness Jose Mourinho brooding around his technical area for the price of your ticket. I’m still not completely sure if this is a plus.

Rugby skills for getting to and from Twickenham

What struck me during a trip to the national rugby stadium in Twickenham was ability. I’m not talking about on the playing field either. The superb ability in the fans and how they get to and from the ground. It’s quite the spectacle if you’re willing to enter into a rolling maul on a packed train.

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