Sports books to check out for November

Dive into some sports booksAs the UK embarks on lockdown mark II, some entertaining sports books can help to keep spirits up over the next month.

These 5 sports books are available through the SFJ store over on Bookshop, which supports local, independent booksellers, in particular need during these times of uncertainty.

Rashford Rules

Marcus Rashford is the ‘man of the moment‘. Not content with his striker role for Manchester United, his side hustle is of passionate defender on free school meals. Add to that, highly-adept challenger of government. Rashford Rules is therefore perfectly timed for younger readers to get to know their hero better.

His actions are mobilising fans and clubs across the country into stepping up and filling the void left by some pretty depressing attempts at leadership. This ships on November 12 so about now is a good time to get your pre-order in.

The Team That Dared to Do: Tottenham Hotspur 1994/95

As a Spurs fan, I won’t lie – this book caught my eye. It’s a chance to remember the halcyon days (pre-VAR) of Jürgen Klinsmann’s arrival, his goalscoring debut against Sheffield Wednesday and his famous celebratory dive. This is an inside story of those days, co-written by then-manager Gerry Francis.

Klopp: My Liverpool Romance

This sports title is an ode to Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp comes out on November 5. Written by a Reds fan, it is billed as a love letter to the genius German boss, who has led the club to domestic and European glory.

How to Build a Car

Away from football, the Formula One season is not far off being wrapped up. The Mercedes team led by record-breaker Lewis Hamilton are the current dominant force. But F1 has seen many periods of sustained success for several teams and these have largely been spearheaded by designer Adrian Newey. Take time to delve into the mind of someone who has been at the top for more than 35 years.

What a Flanker

This offering from now retired rugby player James Haskell comes with a quote from England rugby chief Eddie Jones. Jones calls the book ‘straight-talking’, which is praise indeed coming from the renowned straight-talking Aussie coach. I’ve previously reviewed Haskell’s tips on rugby fitness and this is no doubt entertaining fare too.

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