Wetsleeve ‘arm water bottle’ could aid runners

In some of the races I’ve competed in, one aspect has often proved troublesome – how to take on water mid-event. A new invention called the Wetsleeve, could be the answer.

The Wetsleeve is essentially a water bottle on your arm and allows runners to drink from the wrist without breaking stride. You might’ve tried a water bottle with handle for running. But if you don’t fancy holding items on the go, this is a new alternative.

I find there are a few issues to consider when taking on fluids during a race. Losing momentum and time is one. Sometimes you need to go off course towards a water station and upset your rhythm.

Also, water stations usually have either plastic cups or bottles. I much prefer bottles as they’re easier to grip on the go for the few minutes you might need water. Plus, they can be thrown away more accurately. Arguably one of my best achievements during a tough run was to successfully hurl my half-finished water bottle into a waiting volunteer’s hands on the other side of the road. I’d never met the guy but it looked like we’d trained for such a moment, it was that perfect!


Gentle on the skin

Designed with comfort, ease of use, sustainability, and streamlined mobility in mind, Wetsleeve has a refillable 12oz (350ml) liquid reservoir and is available in three sizes (S,M,L). Customers could use it for most sports and activities, including running, hiking, cycling and general fitness.

The marketing spiel states Wetsleeve is crafted from breathable, soft, water-resistant materials and is gentle on the skin. The 3D mesh lining on its underside lets the skin breathe while ensuring an elastic, yet firm and streamlined fit.

After opening Wetsleeve’s zippered pocket on the outside, the hydration reservoir is taken out and filled up with water or the hydration drink of choice, before being placed back in the sleeve. A silicone mouthpiece situated towards the wrist allows users to hydrate from a natural, ergonomic position. Built-in insulated lining ensures the drink inside stays cool during extended use.

Handily for us clumsy types, the reservoir is designed to compress after every sip to minimize ?sloshing?.

Wetsleeve is available to pre-order exclusively on Kickstarter until August 3. First deliveries are expected in October 2017 when this blog hopes to review the product so watch this space. More details can be found at http://kck.st/2pXx8KB

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  1. angelanoelauthor says:

    Interesting! I’m running a trail Ragnar in September and was wondering about an alternative to vests and belts. This sounds interesting! Too bad it’s a month too late for me, but I’ll be watching for it!

  2. SFJ says:

    Thanks Fiona. Yes it’s an innovative idea and it’ll be interesting to see whether it takes off

  3. That looks like a pretty smart idea. I’m something of a failed runner – but even doing my occasional jog in the park, I really find getting enough water on the go hard!

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