Winter running gear key to beating chill

Winter running tops While cooler conditions can be nicer to run in, it’s no secret warming up takes a lot longer in winter. Here’s where winter running gear comes into its own.

Inclement weather is also enough to make you waver from a new year fitness regime. Before you know it, that ‘New Year, New You’ aspiration has become a pipe dream as you prefer to stay indoors.

So when the chill factor really starts to bite, it’s time to reach for the winter running gear.

Aside from gloves and hat, the choice is to layer up or, in the case of my recent Christmas gift, go all in with a thermal long-sleeved t-shirt.

Mine came in the shape of a nifty blue number made by Kalenji, one of the passion brands from sports store Decathlon.

Running shirt size-wise, I tend to fluctuate between medium and large. Mood sometimes dictates that I’ll want a bit more room during a run so will size up. Or in particularly windy conditions I prefer less bagginess and to be more streamlined, so would opt for medium.Winter running half-zip

In terms of fit, the Kalenji top is ideal. This was a nice surprise as I’ve come across many similar tops that just won’t sit right.

As a tall runner around 6ft 1in, the cut is good. It hangs neatly down from the shoulders and doesn’t ride up when I move.

Plus, there’s very little excess length, and having been put through a couple of washes now, holds its shape too.

It’s perfect winter running gear, particularly on cold days over shorter distances, so your 5k Saturday morning parkrun for instance.

Clearly temperature is key here. On its first tryout I’d only gone for around two-and-a-half miles before it was getting a touch too warm for comfort. It does have the benefit of moisture wicking and a half-zip which can be loosened to allow the cool in.

The next time I wore it was when the mercury dipped to a ‘feels like’ -6 mid-morning run. This proved much better and really demonstrated just how well the thermal element performs in harsher conditions.

I’ve often found the correct clothing all-important for winter running. At this time of year there is more excuse not to keep up the routine, but the right attire can certainly help you push through.

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  1. josypheen says:

    I have something similar that I used near the top of mountains for extra warmth and for cycling to work (although I often have to take it off halfway to work where there is a massive hill!) I love how light the material is vs how warm it can be. 🙂

    I miss decathlon! I didn’t find anywhere quite as good value with such good quality yet in Canada.

    • SFJ says:

      Agreed Josy, it’s always another plus how lightweight the clothing is. I think value is a big factor when looking for more specialist items too

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