Workout music trends released by Spotify

Workout music

Workout music is clearly a very subjective thing. It’s not something I’ve tried much but can understand the benefits of getting a good rhythm going.

The tracks people use while keeping fit are wide-ranging. Some go for a more obviously up-tempo Eye of the Tiger approach. Others opt for more chilled out tunes.

I’ve touched on the workout music topic here previously, particularly when looking for a boost when running.

All this brings me to news from Spotify and the release of their listening data from 2017. Let’s just say there’s some interesting (and even odd) titbits to come out.

First to the serious stuff. More than 25 million workout playlists are created by users of the music streaming service. That’s a huge number of us seeking music to help us along in our fitness routines.

Perhaps to be expected at the dawn of a new year, data shows the streaming of workout playlists rises after January 1 and peaks around January 24. That pretty much ties in with renewed fitness optimism dwindling away after a few weeks!

But more intriguing from the Spotify?stats is the increase that’s been seen in playlists for some, arguably, more left field ‘workouts’.

For example, Aqua Cycling playlists jumped 86% in the last year.

Additionally, brew yoga playlists went up by 137%. According to Spotify, brew yoga is simply yoga practiced in breweries. Some hasty research reveals this is a ‘thing’ in the US and Australia. YES REALLY.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, music for an entirely new workout entered the ring in 2017. This comes in the form of goat yoga.

What? I hear you say. Well dummy, it’s yoga practiced with a pygmy goat on your back!

The info supplied to me calls these ‘less traditional workouts’. Which is clearly a bit of an understatement…

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